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It is our pleasure to announce COVID Rehab programme to help organisations recover fully as normalcy returns. Our personalised programme includes expert-backed techniques on boosting immunity, helping COVID recovery, managing emotional well-being and nutrition, and catering to UR needs every step of the way.


Founded in 1999, Hyderabad-based Lifetime Wellness Rx International Limited is led by Upasana Kamineni Konidela, a next-generation entrepreneur from the Apollo Hospitals Family. As India’s only 360° holistic healthcare platform, we exclusively cater to wellness at the workspace. Our expert-focused and evidence-based approach make our nutrition plans, movement programs, and mental health toolbox the best in the industry.

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Travel Medicine Kit

Whether travelling within India or abroad, our compact, medicine kit is well stocked for common medical emergencies.

Occupational Health

With dedicated software catering to UR organisational preferences, our on-site staffing solutions provide health screenings, emergency medical support, first aid, and safety training amongst other services.

Women's Overall Healthcare

From our early motherhood programme to self-defence tips, our overall healthcare plan for women supports them through every stage of their life.

Lifestyle Medicine

An employee’s good health is ultimately any organisation’s true wealth. Encourage a healthy lifestyle through personalised plans that cater to every individual employee’s well-being.

Yoga And Wellness Programmes

Ensure mental and physical well-being through online and offline programmes that heal and provide interventions when needed.

Dental Health

Oral health is imperative to prevent long-term health issues. Our personalised solutions will help your employees keep their dental health in check, always.

Our Comprehensive Offernings

UR Advantages

OHC Software
  • Complete System
Dedicated Account Manager
  • Superior service delivery experience
Emergency Management
  • Industry expert service and solutions
Medical Staff Traceability
  • Software enabled traceability mechanism
Quarterly Wellbeing Sessions
  • Service delivery experience enhancement solutioning
Feedback Based Service Delivery
  • Experience enhancement solutioning

Webinar details

Webinar & Health Programs

Our expert speakers deliver informative health talks that educate employees about the newest advancements, health research and ways to protect themselves from illness. Our unique health programmes and talks are designed according to UR corporate requirements and can be arranged at corporate premises or pre-agreed locations. Depending on your organisation’s working environment and health demographics, our programmes can be customised to cater better to your employees. We currently offer health talks in the following areas –

Webinar sessions by eminent speakers

from renowned service providers, can be arranged for client's ease and comfort, if client has the facility to host the same

Health programs based on the population profile

and/or as per corporate requirement, will be scheduled and arranged onsite at corporate premises/ pre-agreed locations or Online

Mental health
Hair & Skin
Diet & Nutrition
Stress management

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we are offering live health talks that can be arranged at your organisation’s premises or at a pre-agreed location. It is a component of our existing corporate wellness programme, and you can reach out to our team to find out more.

No organisation is built the same, and employee demographics can differ from state to state, or even depending on lifestyle factors. To cater to unique requirements better, each corporate wellness plan is personalised for our clients to ensure the best possible results.

Yes, as a part of the corporate wellness programme, virtual doctor consultations are available round the clock.